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At MEIT we strive to lead in the IT market with the distribution of components, laptops, extreme gaming stations and the foremost leading edge technology
MEIT work only with manufacturers and legal Rolex Day-Date Replica Watches channels to ensure proper service and pricing. MEIT is composed by an indisputable elite workforce that masters the IT business and is dedicated to bring the best solutions for our clients. MEIT today is a people’s organization servicing over 300 clients of various market segments from north to south with full distribution capability.


AT MEIT we aim to serve our client by bringing them the most updated technologies, latest generation, extreme gaming performance, integrated tech gadget & more…


Not only we cater genuine quality products in the omgreps IT market, but also we ensure proper service and pricing to our client by workING ONLY WITH manufacturers and legal channels.


We cover the entire Lebanese and Gulf territory by applying a complete day to day distribution set up.

Motto: Work hard, Play harder!

We are dedicated to become the leader of the IT industry in distribution, research and software development and customer satisfaction.

our services

We only work with manufacturers and legal channels to ensure proper service and pricing

  • Assemble PC

    You name it we built it; from basic PC to top of the line extreme one at MEIT we tailor computers depending on each client requirements.

    PC Components

    We ensure a wide range of PC components, from graphic cards, motherboards, CPU, Memory, Hard drive, SSD, Power supply…

    Finished Products

    We deliver on daily basis top of the line, most trendiest and up to date technologies.