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Gaming Mouse

AVAGO 3050 Optical Sensor
The AVAGO 3050 Optical sensor found inside the TALON gaming mouse offers up to sensitivity up to 3000 DPI. The sensor is very accurate in precision, has no prediction, and has a high perfect control speed (meaning even low sens. users who rely on very fast movement will still have perfect tracking).
OMRON Switches
Industry standard, OMRON switches provide a crisp clean click with a life cycle of 5 million clicks. The TALON gaming mouse plans to compete as long as you do. 
6 color cycling effect
The TALON changes it up from traditional lighting setups,with lighting accents throughout the mouse body as well as a 6 color cycling effect lighting system that cycles through the colors red, orange, yellow, blue , dark blue, and purple respectively.
[To lock the lighting system to one color]: when the lighting cycles to the desired color, click the mouse wheel (mouse3) and press the DPI adjustment button simultaneously. Repeat to unlock.
[To turn lighting system on/off]: press left click (mouse1) + DPI adjustment button simultaneously.
The TALON has a dedicated DPI adjustment button on top of the mouse. The lighting system will flash a color to denote the DPI setting. Red 500DPI/Yellow 750DPI/Blue 1500DPI/Dark blue 2500DPI/Purple 3000DPI
Removable side panels
The TALON gaming mouse features removable side panels, so that users may further adjust the shape of the mouse to their liking. 

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