TT Pure 14 LED Red

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TT Pure 14 LED Red

Perfect balance of silence

Outstanding Performance
140 x 25mm thick for high airflow. Pure 14 LED is designed toward long hours of low noise operation, so user can keep focused on the task at hand without the noise distraction. 
High Airflow and Low Noise
Enlarged fan frame opening enhances inflow with the fan speed of up to 1000 rpm. The fan delivers exceptional airflow at a low noise level of 20 dBA. 
Long-Life Sleeve Bearing
With better stiffness, long-life sleeve bearings are suitable for moderate to high-speed applications, offering enhanced reliability and stability. 
3 Colors of Luminous LED
 The Pure14 LED series is available in three vivid colors: red, white and blue. Embellish the chassis in your own way

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