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TT Massive V14

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For 14” Notebook


Effective cooling performance with high quality material. Compatible with 14" notebooks and below of the major laptops. Large 140mm silent fan produces the maximum cooling effect. Big area of steel mesh allows optimal airflow to cool the notebook efficiently. USB cable management and extender make working environment neat and tidy.
Large 140mm Silent Fan
A built-in 140mm quiet fan offers big airflow and high cooling performance, reducing the overall temperature of your laptop/notebook

USB Cable Management and Extender
Unique USB cable management and extender for easy organizing and extention to make working environment neat and tidy.

Steel Mesh Design
Steel mesh design reduces the wind resistance and noise, allowing optimal airflow to cool the notebook efficiently.

Ergonomic Humanity
V14 designed with the entire ergonomic concept, test out the appropriate ways for user, with the best visual angle and the height position of the hand. The anti-slip design ensures notebook safety, get ready to work comfortably! 


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